The Apostle Paul talks about a Body in his first letter to the Corinthians. This is made up of different parts and each part has a different purpose and each purpose carries just as much weight. Our Body is made up of a framework of ministries that reflect who God is calling us to be. These Ministries are presently:

Administration: Maintaining good records and information for the service of mission. Being good stewards of the resources God has given us and having effective processes in place to support John Knox Rangiora.

Children: Creating relevant and engaging opportunities for our children to participate in our church life and to grow healthy and faithful young disciples.

Community: Growing together as a church family, making space for authentic community to happen.

Discipleship: Thinking intentionally about how we are growing as disciples or Jesus.

Leadership: Understanding the leadership needs of the church and refreshing our leadership practices to best serve God and his Church. Also identifying new leaders in the community and resourcing them for this calling.

Mission: Supporting our mission partners and seeking opportunities to engage with our community as ambassadors for Christ.

Pastoral Care: Being available to care and support our Church and wider community. Celebrating the highs and walking alongside the broken and grief-stricken.

Prayer: Keeping prayer in front of the Church through prayer meetings, resources and intercessory prayer.

Promotion: Effective communication both internally and externally through online media, newsletters and visual aids.

Property: Managing the current facilities while planning and discerning the needs for the future.

Seniors: Supporting targeted ministries for our senior community and providing opportunities to value the ministry and legacy of our seniors.

Working for Good: Fundraising for our Church activities, outreach and mission partners.

Worship: providing sacred and worshipful spaces to respond to God for the blessings He has poured out on us. Curating corporate services that are engaging, honouring and challenging.

Youth: Making a safe space for our young people to connect, learn and wrestle with life’s complexities.

Young Adults: Being present to help young adults transition from youth into adulthood. To learn and develop key faith/life skills through enquiry and experience.