Service Times

Sunday 10am

at John Knox Rangiora

Service Times

Sunday 10am

at John Knox Rangiora


Jason King

From The Office



My shelf in the office has bookends to hold the books upright so they don’t slip off the shelf. What is of most importance are the books and materials on the shelf, but the bookends help to provide support.

Today is a bookend for our life together as a church. The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. But what has most value is the time in between. How did we face 2021? Did we work hard to show patience and grace through a difficult time? Did we try to love those around us when things might have been difficult? Did we spend time connecting with God, in prayer and worship and service? And did we grow closer to God through the Holy Spirit as a result?

If we didn’t, can we use this bookend to help support our journey through the next year? What kind of year will we look back on when we reach the bookend of 2022?


Please note that in light of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, John Knox Rangiora will be requiring Vaccination certification at our events and gatherings in the Church building. Thank you for your understanding.


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As a church we seek to be Trusting in God, Reaching out in service and mission, United in love and Encouraging one another.

As a church we seek to be trusting in God, reaching out in service, united in love, encouraging one another.

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