Season of Prayer and Fasting

13 February 2022 to 6 March 2022

Purpose: To take some time as a church to pray intentionally towards the new year and listen to the discernment of the Holy Spirit as we consider our church vision.

13th FebSunday Service: Teaching on Prayer and Fasting.

A week of Growth.

Pray about how you have grown over the last year and what ways would you like to grow as a disciple of Jesus this year.
14th FebFun With MusicPray for Adele, Janice and Kate as they lead the Fun with Music group.
15th FebConnect/Small groupsPray for all our Small Groups, especially pray for Bill and Jen Rate as they lead the Connect group this morning.
16th FebParish Council/Leadership/DirectionPray for the parish Council as they discern where the Holy Spirit is leading John Knox Rangiora next.
17th FebPrayer Meeting at Church

Craft Group

Pray for our Craft Group.

Come and join us for worship and prayer at church from 1.30pm in the Stewart Room.

18th FebDiscipleship MinistryPray for a Ministry Leader for our Discipleship/Resourcing Ministry.
19th FebSabbath/Rest/Self CarePray for God’s refreshing and that the Holy spirit will energise and encourage us for His mission.
20th FebSunday Service:


A week of the Building Project

What Has God revealed to you? A word, an image, a verse, a tongue? Would you be comfortable sharing this? In a journal, online or during our Worship time?
21st FebBuilding Management TeamPray for our Building Management Team
22nd FebCommunication TeamAsk God to bring clarity to the project, for channels of information to get to the right people.
23rd FebFinance TeamConsider how God might use you to help resource the Church Rebuild project.
24th FebBuilding Project TeamPray for the best shape and form of the church rebuild according to God’s mission.
25th FebHard Knox CaféPray for the youth of Rangiora and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit around what part we play.
26th FebSabbath/Rest/CareFind a quiet place at home and sit in silence for 15 min. May the silence of God refresh your soul.
27th FebSunday Service:


A week of Outreach

What is God saying to us? Write on a post-it and put this on the notice board by the building plans in the foyer.
28th FebCommunity EngagementPray for the families coming to Fun With Music
1st MarPancake DayPancake Breakfast: Join us for Pancakes for breakfast from 7-9am at church. Invite someone!! (Gold coin donation)
2nd MarAsh WednesdayEvening Service: Come to our Ash Wednesday Service for the start of Lent. Invite someone!
3rd MarPrayer Meeting at ChurchCome and Pray for our community together. Prayer and Worship from 1.30pm in the Church.
4th MarList all the Community EngagementsThink of all the ways we connect with our community in the name of Jesus. Both individually and corporately.
5th MarOpen to GodRead 1 Samuel 3:10-11. Ask God to speak… and then be silent…
6th MarSunday Service


Church Lunch

Come together to share what we feel God might be saying to us. Bring a plate and have a shared lunch after Church.


Only partake as you feel comfortable. Be mindful of your health and safety when you consider fasting a meal or meals.

Option 1: Identify specific days during our season that have more meaning for you. Plan to fast from food on a particular meal during that day. Do this on as many occasions as you feel called.

Option 2: Similar to Option 1 but fast from food for a whole day. Again, do this on as many days as you feel called.


We want to feedback to the wider Church community the words and images we believe God is revealing to us. This is important as we discern the heart of Jesus for John Knox Rangiora and our journey moving forward. Your feedback and discernment will encourage the voice of God to be revealed by others and will be a wonderful message for the Church in our year ahead. This can be done in a number of ways:

  1. Journal: Either write/draw in the Church Journals each Sunday as we gather or during the week.
  2. Email: Email Tracy in the office at any time and she will compile this into the journal for others to read.
  3. Respond on the Church facebook page. A link for this can be found here

(Please, no anonymous responses, we are a church family and will respond as a church family.)